Clear Choices Clean Water


Our team (through the support of two active watershed clients and several municipalities) created, launched, and currently maintains the state’s largest social marketing campaign for environmental awareness, Clear Choices Clean Water (CCCW).  CCCW is a unique strategy to increase awareness and knowledge about residential behavior choices and their impact on water quality in local watersheds.  The project helps to change people’s behavior, evaluate outreach success, and measure improvements at the same time.  The focal point of the campaign is an interactive website and pledge map; however, a suite of supporting resources, marketing materials, and interactive activities were developed to help support the program as well.  We create regular social media posts and engage dozens of outside partners in the continued support and promotion of the program.  Google analytics and other built-in metrics allow us to evaluate the success of various outreach strategies, which allows for flexibility and quick adjustments. This project won the 2012 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, the North American Lake Management Society 2013 Technical Merit Award for Education and Outreach, the Indiana Water Environment Association’s Outstanding Website Award in 2014, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s award for Outstanding Development and Implementation of Storm Water Programs or Projects.


  • Developed award winning social marketing campaign (largest in the state)
  • Created and maintained ever-growing website that houses educational and technical resources developed to support the pledge campaigns
  • Designed numerous pieces of collateral outreach materials and creative promotional and marketing items
  • Measured and evaluated campaign pledge impacts and behavior change metrics; provided routine improvements and upgraded to the program
  • Leveraged the program to build wide-spread partnerships and sponsorships
  • Adapted the program for national implementation and resale; produced regular revenue stream and national sponsors

The team at ER has the broadest knowledge base of all things water I have encountered. Their enthusiasm and tireless approach to championing water resource protection makes this the team to engage.
The ER team is at the forefront of water resource protection strategies. Their wide array of experience with innovative practices adds value to every project they undertake.
The ER team is one of the easiest teams with which I have worked. They can take the most complex problem or condition and guide their customers to the best solutions.

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