Indy Urban Waters


Our team assisted the City of Indianapolis in obtaining an Urban Waters Grant from the US EPA to implement a new water currency program and several demonstration projects associated with the prevention of stormwater runoff into area streams.  We conducted targeted outreach efforts including customized mailers and e-newsletters, as well as residential workshops focused on water quality, rain gardens, & native planting practices.  Several hands-on training days helped implement these best practices along streams. Key audiences for involvement and education included Indianapolis Department of Public Works staff, Indy Parks staff, Community Development Corporations, residents, and members of the business community such as landscape architects and installers, and site designers. We also worked with the project team to create a new ‘water currency’ program aimed at developing social and economic capital surrounding water and behavior change in a low income neighborhood. Residents earn currency by engaging in various activities that help reduce stormwater pollution.   Currency was then traded in at local businesses for various goods, thus increasing both financial and social wealth in the community.


  • Successful grant writing to obtain highly competitive US EPA funding
  • Identified target residents who may be interested in water quality conservation initiatives and program goals
  • Planned and designed demonstration rain garden and no-mow buffers; deliver hands-on training days at sites
  • Developed technical resources, including planting plans for rain gardens and other native plant gardens
  • Coordinated and deliver educational workshops for various audiences
  • Promoted water currency through e-newsletters, workshop participation, and presence at community events


City of Indianapolis

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Environmental Planning
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