Maple Avenue Improvement Project


The Maple Avenue Improvement Project was part of the City of Noblesville’s Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) for its combined sewer system infrastructure improvements.  This project utilized low-impact development (LID) principles to mitigate local stormwater impacts and remove a significant volume of stormwater from the combined system.  Our team collaborated on design ideas and led the public involvement elements of the project.  We utilized a creative outreach approach that focused around block captains to garner local input and quickly build awareness and support among residents.  We led this local design advisory committee through instructive sessions on water quality challenges, impacts, and solutions to stormwater problems.  The end-product was a streetscape that sets the design standard for near-downtown neighborhoods and one in which local residents feel pride and ownership. Win-win outcomes were achieved for traffic, parking, aesthetics, and the environment.


  • Led all aspects of public involvement
  • Created all public outreach materials
  • Collaborated on stormwater design solutions
  • Facilitated input from the local Design Advisory Committee
  • Synchronized project with other City initiatives
  • Coordinated local educational events


City of Noblesville

Environmental Planning