Upper Tippecanoe River Lakes Strategic Watershed Management Plan


Empower Results led all local steering committee meetings associated with the development of a strategic plan aimed at reducing non-point source pollution to the seven hydrologically connected lakes in the Upper Tippecanoe River chain.  Committee members were guided through a series of meetings and activities focused on consensus building, resource consolidation, and the prioritization. These meetings were used to develop an action plan for future environmental and social projects in the watershed.  As land-use and water quality issues were identified, subsequent strategies were developed through facilitated discussions with other stakeholders.  Customized public outreach events and alternative meeting styles assisted in the translation of technical data and topics to the public throughout the project.


  • Educational workshops
  • Goals setting and meeting facilitation
  • Stakeholder conflict resolution
  • Long-range organizational planning
  • Development of a GIS and public-friendly graphics
  • Synthesis and communication of water quality findings
  • Lake management recommendations


Upper Tippecanoe River Lakes Association (UTRLA)

Environmental Education and Outreach
Group Facilitation
Environmental Planning
Public Involvement