Trained Individual: Contractor Training and Certification Program


The Trained Individual Program is an annual event specifically targeted to those in the construction industry who regularly engage in earth work activities. The focus of the training is to help those in attendance: 1) understand the basic legal requirements for Rule 5 regulated construction sites.; 2) learn who is responsible for keeping the construction site in compliance with Rule 5 and the penalties for failing to do so; and 3) learn specific details on proper installation and maintaining the most common storm water best management practices (BMPs) used on construction sites. Our team is responsible for all aspects of workshop development and delivery, and often presents technical content as part of panel discussions or as formal session speakers. The agenda is strategically structured to ensure that topics progress similarly daily operations in the field and build upon themselves. Interactive program sessions insure that participants have opportunities for two-way communication and interactive learning from featured experts. The program is recognized and attended by professionals statewide. The certification elements including testing and maintenance of a Certified Trained Individual database that municipalities can consult when selecting contractors or engaging in enforcement actions. We have developed and maintained all program materials, and we administer the testing and certification on behalf of dozens of municipal clients.


  • Developed strategic program agenda to address the needs of those installing and maintaining stormwater best management practices
  • Collaborated and developed educational materials and certification course manual for regional training of contractors and land developers
  • Coordinated and delivered training/certification workshops, including agency, vendor and speaker coordination as well as recruitment, registration and participant evaluation
  • Oversaw program communications, database management, and future event planning


White River Alliance and Local MS4 Districts

Environmental Education and Outreach
Group Facilitation
Workshops and Training