Lisa Bihl

LisaLisa is a horticulturist and biochemist by training; however, her varied experiences in horticulture, landscape design, biochemistry, and plant research make her well equipped to understand environmental concerns and applications of ecological principals for use in land use and natural resource planning. Having grown up in rural Indiana, Lisa understands the practical constraints of the agricultural community and is skilled at interacting with a variety stakeholders. She has 15 years of outdoor and environmental work experience, including ecological inventories, permitting, water quality testing, planting design, data interpretation/summary, and technical report writing for various agencies and local project sponsors. Lisa is often recognized as a critical member to many technical project teams due to her follow-through, quality of work, and team mentality. She plays a critical role at Empower Results creating public-friendly maps and other data driven materials that help people relate to their environment. When she’s not busy crunching numbers or creating new designs, she enjoys time on the family farm with her husband and kids, getting her hands in the dirt, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Lisa also spends time volunteering at the school her kids attend.

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