David Gilman

marielDavid was trained in the sacred art of bookkeeping out in the lovely (and expensive) state of California when, in a pattern that has repeated itself a few times, a boss decided they didn’t want to deal with the tedious part of owning a business. David’s weird patience for the inanity of number entry has made him a valuable tool for those who would rather be spending their time doing something they love, not reconciling bank statements. After moving to Indy to run away from the insane costs of living in the Bay Area, David attended IUPUI to receive a degree in writing and business where he was also a Managing Editor for the campus’s literature magazine, once again doing the background admin stuff nobody else really wanted to do. Besides doing work for Empower for the last few years, David has been working for Green 3 Studios, a landscape architecture firm conveniently located right down the street from Empower Results. David now resides in Chicago. “Why is he still working for companies down in Indy?” you may be asking yourself. From what he’s heard, it’s a very lucky happenstance to find bosses you actually enjoy working for. From his bosses’ perspective, David is a critically valued member of the team – the one responsible for keeping the day-to-day logistics of Empower Results running smoothly as well as helping other team members keep project budgets on track.