Jill Hoffmann

Jill grew up in Wisconsin where she was formally trained as an aquatic biologist.  However, her unique public management and outreach skills equip her to engage and empower citizen groups and government officials toward larger, shared environmental or community goals – goals well beyond water quality science.  She has almost 20 years of experience in environmental planning, natural resource assessment, and public involvement programming, in both the public and private sectors. Jill has been recognized with several state and local awards for her work and is an active, charter member of the Indiana Water Monitoring Council’s Board of Directors.  Jill has both program management and project management experience spanning a wide variety of Mid-western landscapes and is an experienced ecologist skilled in water quality assessment, storm water management, and numerous non-point source pollution prevention strategies.  Jill’s visionary perspective and creative outreach approaches allow her to foster unique partnerships, engage in local/state/federal resource coordination strategies, and implement meaningful engagement strategies. These skills inevitably help Jill to empower communities and citizens to create impactful projects, grow their awareness of critical issues, and protect the natural environment.

As the principal owner of Empower Results, Jill started the company hoping to fill the critical niche of effective environmental communication and community-based solutions for the challenges facing our natural resources.  Jill’s energy when communicating technical concepts to new audiences is often contagious and a welcomed part of any team.  When she’s not in front of a powerpoint presentation, she’s hiking her dogs, kayaking a local stream, hoping a flight somewhere, or kicking around the lakes of northern Indiana with friends and family. Jill’s passion and commitment to the outdoors inspires both her work and her personal adventures.

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