Land Stewardship

Empower Results led the Office of Land Stewardship in creating a strategic plan that will guide the Office’s activity over the next 5 years. The internal planning document prioritized essential functions and provided action steps based on a clear timeline. Additional work was also done to develop a public outreach Master Plan designed to broaden awareness of the Office’s impact on environmental services in the city. This public-facing ‘Master Plan’ includes a summary of the Office’s role and ongoing activities, an inventory of property assets and amenities, restoration and maintenance success stories, the expansion of volunteer programs, and a suite of infographics which detail the ecological services and social benefits that result from well-maintained natural areas. Empower Results has gone on to help produce a series of videos on OLS’s work, interpretive signage, and assist in a range of outreach efforts.



  • Led strategic planning process to determine prioritized action steps, and create work plan
  • Led branding and communication processes
  • Developed series of infographics and other materials to communicate the value of Land Stewardship activity
  • Created a series of videos showing value of land protection and ecological services
  • Designed and produced interpretive signage
  • Created branded presentation materials
  • Assisted in social media and other outreach efforts


Indianapolis Office of Land Stewardship

Environmental Education and Outreach

Environmental Planning

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